Klang & Raum: Historic Instruments. New locations.

The Klang und Raum collective is an association of four musicians – Angelika Gallez, Bianca Riesner, Martin Gallez and myself. Together we break new ground in the conception of concerts.

The heart of our series of events is cooperation: with experts from a wide variety of fields, we explore the diversity of craftsmanship and places steeped in history in the Bregenzerwald.

Historic Instruments

We specialize in historical performance practice – that means we use original instruments that were in use at the time a composition was written, and thus come as close as possible to the intention and sound of the composer.
In doing so, we draw on centuries-old traditions of style and playing technique and let the works sound as the audience might have heard them back then…

New locations

At the same time, we want to explore historical sites and the diversity of craftsmanship in the Bregenzerwald – also a culture with a centuries-old tradition – and provide a platform.
That’s why we let our repertoire search be inspired by special places in the Bregenzerwald where the concerts then take place – be it a craft business, a house with history or a place of spiritual regeneration. There is real cooperation with our hosts, as they present their work as well as the history and special features of this place as part of our event.

The audience not only enjoys a stimulating concert evening, but also has the opportunity to look behind the scenes of a company and gain an insight into the fields of activity of our cooperation partner.

Further informations: www.klangundraum.at

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